Just Do It

When there is the urge for words,
Talk … Say it all right then—
For after the storm subsides,
You may not be able to save anyone.

When there is a dance going on,
You rock … and hold the world
In a mad trance; it will understand,
But tomorrow all insane it may sound.

When there is a hand you can spare,
Give … it all starts with you—
For if it is drunk or flown into the sea,
A fountain is still a fountain.

While still there is a breath,
You know you’re still alive, so live
Like a giant winter sea wave,
It will soon subside and give way to another.

When you feel the rush of joy
Quenching the thirst of every vein,
Enjoy … Like a rainbow in the sky;
Linger a bit and you will see nothing.

Dance to the rhythm of your spine—
When it shimmers down you know
What you want is as sure as spring,
But winter, remember, will surely come.



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