To Be Me

I can finally change
The way I am, for you
Do not accept my looks,
And fear someone might have heard
My rural voice.
When the world falls,
If I fail to name a luxury,
You will not be there
To share my shame or misery.
Poor I have known little,
In this world of yours,
I will never bleed.
I am a fish;
In your world I’ll die.

I can finally change
The way I am, for you
It matters not, anymore,
And I can be me-
Worrying free.
I do not use your tools
To draw my destiny;
The world I see
Through my own eyes,
The air I breathe
Belongs to my lungs,
And the blood inside
Is not flavored
By your blue blood.

I can finally change
The way I am, for you
Are not heard anymore.
All the world can hear you
Scream and yell and shout,
Louder than all your jewels;
Like them you are
Overcoated with gold.
As your layers lie down,
One after the other;
At dusk, it only gets darker.
Dawn is within my heart
I let go the time,
The old fool self,
And of you, above all,
I set myself free-
To be me.
To leave your beautiful face
And be me,
Like a foolish Spartan
Craving a good death,
I cease for you to be.
And I choose
To be me
All the way.



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