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You know it all,
or so you think,
yet all around
from Lethe drink;
you don’t give a hand—
forever stuck
you keep them there
for you to rock.
For some learn to impress
with what man already knows;
they leave the highway
to a small off-road,
the little beetle shines
like a super car from Mars;
not meant to finish any race
or give a lift to anyone,
but to show off
what everybody knows;
too much is wasted
on making people awe
what they easily forget.
Just like the rain,
knowledge should go—
borrowed from land
cooked and compressed
then given back to land.
We own nothing you and I,
but what we have given;
whatever we have taken
will never be ours;
what good is it for humanity
if we learn every line of history
without adding our own line?

The Role of Teachers in 21st Century Classes

There has been great thought and threat in the minds of teachers with the growing news of the possibility of them being replaced by some technology that can be so intelligent that teachers one day will be obsolete. All the news about artificial intelligence and machine learning and the ability of machines to mimic teachers is engrossed both by the enthusiasm of some tech people who are developing these technologies, and the intimidated ignorance of some teachers. I will try to uncover some of the mystery behind this topic as a teacher who is very much into technology.

Technology has never been more empowering for teachers, yet the gap lies in the nature and purpose of development of these technologies by commercial companies that can sometimes be  perfectly aligned with the educational goals every savvy teacher is well-aware of, or at some other times can fall way apart from anything that has to do with education itself. On the other hand, some teachers who are too intimidated by this…