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Take Me Home Tonight

Take me home tonight—
my feet have suffered
a journey
longer than memory,
longer than time;
a heartache that starts
from the roots shooting
all the way up into the sky—
take me home tonight.
From man to a man— my bed never warms, neither does any other bed— I cannot call any mine; this beauty is a curse it invaded me like spring— like a fruitless tree, I do nothing but shine.
Take me home tonight.
The world is a stranger
stalking my shadow
for far too long;
my features to him
but a mere figure,
dancing in the dark
without a voice
without a face
without a woman inside.
Take me home tonight
Since womb in a womb,
I must have thought
one day mine would bloom—
a testament of a room
I can call mine;
it smells of flowers in the morning,
it smells of my touch all day long,
it smells of a place where I belong,
it smells of only you
of your love at night—
take me home tonight.