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Haiku on Sophie Anderson

[caption id="attachment_4544" align="aligncenter" width="401"] Elaine (The Lily Maid of Astolat)[/caption]
Keep rowing nowhere;
Without her, there’s no journey
That leads to nowhere.

[caption id="attachment_4545" align="aligncenter" width="399"] Head of a Nymph[/caption]
Half-faced innocent-
Draws poison from a wound-
Cut by hidden side.

[caption id="attachment_4546" align="aligncenter" width="340"] Love in a Mist[/caption]
I can see you love,
Or you don’t, yet although
You do not, I do.

[caption id="attachment_4547" align="aligncenter" width="333"] No Walk Today[/caption]
The road lies ahead,
Instead of hitting the path,
Staying home alone.

[caption id="attachment_4548" align="aligncenter" width="338"] Portrait Of Young Girl[/caption]
Young and innocent,
Life still seems so to my eyes-

[caption id="attachment_4549" align=&…

Samson and Delilah

There on your warm lap, I vanished Surrendered all my powers to you. And not like they thought, I knew- That all of you around just feigned. My head on your lap for one moment; It was everything I had always sought. And damn it, I knew that I thought my doom was so imminent.
Too foolish I may be to rush to my end, But for once I knew my heart’s desire. Never cared if the world after would be on fire, And break my wings that would never mend. I can see the look of “Poor, Poor Samson!” For Delilah, you have felt me deep inside; No matter how hard the flower would hide, The fragrance will surely spread on and on.
The heart of bird ripped out of his chest, The wings clipped. Though lost all the might, Time regrew them just to do this one last flight, And put the memory of a heart at a final rest. One final death dance done in so sly a way, For blood and honor no more a nectar make; In vain all the tries of the damned dead wake, I brought down the temple on all in dismay. I die today with…

The Ant and A Morning

A long day
ahead of me
I should just wait and see
if I make tomorrow—
that long trail behind me
of black and white
must have been carved
by nail and blood; that I may not know but I see it is not meant to end right here, under my feet.

Some made one whole foot,
some went far and beyond
a land I cannot see
as long as I’m standing with only me,
and a thousand wailers waiting
to trap my steps and mend
my madness and curiosity.
A whole big drop,
I have just missed,
was about to crush my head;
a whole drop of blood
I left along the way
to mark a trail that
does not belong to only me,
another drop,
ten drops…
too much…
it is raining—
I may continue as a martyr
or wait a little until it stops,
and later continue the trail
as long as there is still left
until my very last breath—
short and violent as a storm
or long and leading as a star;
if I make a purpose for those
I can do either.

In The Light of Independence Day

A very special day was yesterday; my whole country celebrated Independence Day. The very special thing was that it was not yesterday, but the day before, yet since we had yesterday as a holiday instead, independence felt more like yesterday.
We had a whole day to rest, go out, dive into TV all day, and of course, eat more and some very special food like that of a Sunday. We had a whole day to relax and let go all the troubling thoughts we had in our minds the day before independence. We had the luxury of sitting back and relaxing; after all, we had earned our independence after a long fight and suffering. However, I spent that day troubling myself with some thoughts unlike those who rightfully took a day off from thinking. I thought to myself, “It is really nice that we are celebrating Independence Day, but what is independence?”
I went on asking people to know what independence meant. Not all of them knew that it was the day the French mandate officially ended back in 1943, but that…

Christina's World

That house I daily look upon—
that hill above
that hill below;
moments away till life begins
the hearth and home
have burned me out,
outside awaits the show.
A soldier a long way would go through blood and tears and lots of snow; nothing will wait for him to lament a friend he could not bury a day ago— the cause is hungry, the cause’s in a hurry; a wolf bares not to wait, the sharpened teeth are ready to devour yet another one, a patriot fighting for god and home— foolish causes believed by the true to keep the wolves in the valley full.

I am that soldier here at home;
I am a woman devoured day by day
to please them all, but not myself—
to stay a lamb and die at home
or live a wolf and die alone?
A domestic woman mourned
or a wild woman unforgotten?

In The Club

The first step inside—
I could hear no more!
I ain’t brought you here to talk.
Our favorite couch Like pearls we sat Until the shell hid us away.

I took your hand to dance
In the middle of a battle—
A lot of fire; friendly fire, too.
Hey, young man at the bar,
Pour me another glass
From Lethe’s drink.
Young girl I met you before!
Oh, did you come with me?
I don’t want to see my way out.
Form the lips I might remember—
The same flavor of victory
Makes you all just the same.
If I feel the hips I might see—
The road I might have taken;
Yet, you have lost the way, too.
Barman, pour the poor man!
Rich in death, poor in life,
I’ve had enough of both.
Lights are everywhere,
Even inside my eyes.
Are we already in heaven?
Some hand swept me back—
Your skin can’t feel as soft;
We have already burned in hell.
Hands tight together as one
Taking me deep underneath—
Persephone, I feel as raped.
The lotus eaters are everywhere—
Forget the ship and home;
Home is just right here!
Love me now! We’re all the same—
No mind to…

Nothing to Write

Like hearts
nothings can tell
when we do beat
or when we stop;
done a billion times
we cannot wait
for which one beat
might be the last;
words are flames burning at times, smoldering, sometimes, yet never put out; the pen in our hand like an obelisk does stand against all tests of time— before nothing is left inside at all, ait is not willing to drop.

The Anatomy of A Man

There, I will show you the main parts of a man: his legs and arms, his heart, his eyes, and his mind. The legs and arms that run and catch dreams all along the path, the heart that makes this suffering sweet with love, the eyes that choose to see what they want to see, and the brain that sees it all, but uses only a little and leaves the rest of it dormant for it believes it is easier to be ignorant.
There is the finest example of a man fighting as a soldier for some cause he had been nurtured for long deep in the heart that became the most potent part of him and drove him charging forward. As he went, everything else went away from him except for this foolish heart that told him to keep up the fight and die for a noble knight that never set foot into battle but talked about it for long. There the hero died for a great reasonable cause of nothing.
There is the man who chose legs and arms to run along the path of this life and raise a family, which he had on his back for years. Now yo…

Standardized Education and Programming Humanoids

Everyone in the education world is too crazy about assessment, testing, and standard exams; we see it as the last measure of control we still have against our students. We cannot do without it for that will mean the end of our educational dominance for good.
I wouldn’t call the endeavor to standardize education a vice; after all, we don’t want our students, the seeds of a better tomorrow, to be lost in the misbehaving of teenage, and the unawareness of what matters in this life. But do we know what matters in this life? At least, do we think we know it better than our students? If we do, we should also know that if we are planning to help students realize their potential to give their best to make this world a better place for all, merely standardizing education is not enough. Standardization has been a great achievement in many fields; can you imagine having to accommodate many different voltages on one device, if not for the standardization of the electric current-voltage worldwide…