Haiku on Sophie Anderson

Elaine (The Lily Maid of Astolat)

Keep rowing nowhere;
Without her, there’s no journey
That leads to nowhere.

Head of a Nymph

Half-faced innocent-
Draws poison from a wound-
Cut by hidden side.

Love in a Mist

I can see you love,
Or you don’t, yet although
You do not, I do.

No Walk Today

The road lies ahead,
Instead of hitting the path,
Staying home alone.

Portrait Of Young Girl

Young and innocent,
Life still seems so to my eyes-

Ready For The Ball

Mirror do tell me:
Do you think I am ready?
To be loved tonight?

The Time of the Lilacs

Will she love lilacs?
For beautiful lilacs blue,
Or the holding hands?

The Turtle Dove

To my bosom sleep
For tomorrow I’ll see you
Giving me your wings.


 Is that the wind’s call?
Or in my heart I feel it-
To sweep me away?

Young Girl Fixing Her Hair

He will see tonight,
The beauties upon me rest
His heart will jump out.

Young Girl

Fresh and hungry is-
The world to my new body,
Yet I change skins once.

Young Girls at Prayer in the Chapel

Dear, well, you do know.
Why would you put me in line?
Begging for mercy?

Christmas Time (Here’s The Gobbler!)

Big bird on my back
So much burdened, but within
My heart is happy.


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