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A Long White Beard

It’s Christmas one more time
the truth, the love
the people lost
in misery
and hearts changing,
not for compassion,
not one single time;
Time for a living
away from the dead,
we chose we are
the only one alive;
thinking we are the ones
to float high above
the rest are an anchor,
our ship has to stand ­-
the engine needs some fire;
we do it all but we burn not -
the instilled meaning of Christmas
lost on a plate of cheese
and too much wine.
Delights of a season
the mistletoes
a tree, the garlands
all lights and stars
angels flying above
little Jesus lying below,
for once we could have just
drive all the demons around away;
hearts filled with joy
like glasses filled with drinks -
easily filled in our homes;
warm next to the hearth
a smoking turkey -
its sauce spilling from every side
like outside is spilling blood;
Too much for one man to take -
happiness for every man is just;
to spoil it all and do regret
is not what anyone would want,
yet before many guaranteed smiles inside,
you could have wagered one outside;

A Blind Believer

Rumors of a god
roaming around,
taking forms,
to be seen by all,
then seen no more— let me follow let me follow, let me fall in love with this new deity of some unfathomable nature; creature of the heavens has been created, or by hell; it does not matter— I have always worshipped what’s more than me— let me follow let me follow, let me fall on my knees, where I can spend my life going about to please, going about saying please; for what I could have done by myself, now I have a god to blame and hold In contempt— let me follow let me follow, let me fall to the land of the spirit-honed; to keep their heads, they have their minds boned like a skeleton— all life is gone but for this cheesy grin— let me follow let me follow, let me fall; my heart is broken— my older deity promised not to break my heart; many years, and the pieces lying around, he did not have enough divinity to mend; he told me it only took my humanity— I did not buy it; get me another god that can bend to my mo…

Coffee, Smoke and Bytes

Coffee, smoke and bytes—
you see me every day, you say
on a screen where I look
nicer and larger than life,
but I cannot decipher
your digital love for me;
I cannot feel the warmth
of your touch and the sense
of your scent is lost to me—
I feel lonely in all this rush
of friends and comments and likes and dislikes;
I am falling out of the cycle of time.
My poems are falling like winter leaves,
line by line, for I crave not your avatar
but to touch your heart,
but here amidst my coffee
my cigarettes and futile smoke,
my endless gnawing bytes
carving like invisible teeth inside my heart;
craving you among all your profiles and pictures and selfies
among all your celebrations of yourself, I don’t see me—
everywhere on that web I feel stuck
eating myself inside out,
being everywhere and nowhere—
like navigating and endless sea without a map
not knowing where to land
not knowing the vastness of the journey
not knowing how close you are to me
how far I have always been from you.
Here among my coffee, smoke and bytes…

We Talk People; They Talk Numbers

The first time I heard that we are just numbers to the corporate body, which represents 99 percent of everything out there in the world today, I was shocked for I thought I had it all figured out already, but there seemed to be something new to learn every day.

The meeting was over, and I thought we had covered all and every aspect of the problems that we had; we talked about how to motivate our employees to do a better job, basically all down to the motto that urged to treat your employees as you would treat your most important client. The meeting was over and everybody was convinced that we touched the very heart of the problem, which was the human aspect of it. Then we went to the other side of the world, or should I say, the upper side of the world, the one reserved only for the gods among us.

The talk was so different on that side of the world. Many of our human concerns rendered invalid there. Every conversation would turn into a number game. An x number of employees could produ…

The Feast

All gathered around the victim,
helpless raising its head
in vain trying
to catch a sight of one last savior—
the eyes blackened by fires
everywhere raging inside its heart;
it was not the dream of not dying
it did not occur, not to be a foolish dreamer,
but the wish to die alone in peace; roaring, threatening howls, and barks around for a share or a bigger one rip every meat splinter off every bone to dine and drink on that same table— prostrate the victim looked in pity and shame for a devourer after being full will slow down and soon become the victim.

Silence but for the hacking and biting,
for my eyes and my eyes alone
were left behind to watch the massacre
and all my brothers have gone to war;
no flashes no cameras no TV shows
why stand on ceremony anymore,
the jaws are squared, the teeth are sharpened
nothing left of greed is hidden,
all is out in the open
to devour the piece that’s all that’s left,
and long for a sweet siesta like wolves
no one can really sleep at all—
their daggers hidden behin…