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The Grapes of Fall

Standing on a hilltop near the sunset of all tasty like a glass of wine masterfully made from the grapes of fall.

Talks about Educational Trends, Talks about Nonsense

In the hallways of every school that has still not slipped away from the firm grip of some educational crusader who happens to be a supervisor or director, teachers talk about all sorts of things from the new fashion trends to the funniest shows on TV to cooking and all other daily life usual stuff. However, when this supervisor is present, the talk shifts to talks of an educational nature, with a lot of seasoning, vaguely understanding looks amongst listeners and a lot of theory and jargon. The supervisor leaves the room with a smile on his/her face and life goes back to normal, just as it has always been.

Writing Prompt 15

For how many reasons in the history of humankind were children killed, whether directly like this image or as collateral damage. What cause could be more important than reflecting on what we do and who we leave behind our trail of glory, helpless and dead? Getting deeper into this painting and for a moment away from the exact moment in history it depicts, we can look at the woman in the middle, put ourselves in her shoes, and think about what she might be feeling while her child or children were taken away from her for some stupid political reason. At that moment, how can a sacrifice be justified at all? There is nothing you can tell to this woman that will ever make her feel better. What could she have done? Could she have planned a revolution—a first revolution of women in a society of men? Maybe, that can be a lead into a bigger story than the one we see in this picture. We can take the political part of the painting away and think only about the emotional aspect, and how this massa

Cradle of My Heart

She laughs and giggles she knows the pearls waiting within for a cruel sailor paying no heed to the lack of spring—