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The Grapes of Fall

Standing on a hilltop
near the sunset of all
tasty like a glass of wine
masterfully made
from the grapes of fall.
All the vineyards I left
the bonds cut and dispersed
like a large bill changed
coins in children’s hands
just before the festival.
Memories eroded into the mist
covering the fields of innocence
no more are the limbs sustenance
to that great mind above nor
can the spine any longer stand tall?
Friends fall like winter leaves
one by one the old willow tree
is willow-shading no more
the heat strikes like poison
the rain penetrates my soul.
Lovers and kin roaming the earth
not knowing yet that one day
they will all come back right here
and weep their hearts out like a child
for he is then a child no more.
Strangers looked on but did not know
what made my eyes in tears glow
what was so fast in a body so slow
only I know I left something to all
only I know I am now ready to go.

Talks about Educational Trends, Talks about Nonsense

In the hallways of every school that has still not slipped away from the firm grip of some educational crusader who happens to be a supervisor or director, teachers talk about all sorts of things from the new fashion trends to the funniest shows on TV to cooking and all other daily life usual stuff. However, when this supervisor is present, the talk shifts to talks of an educational nature, with a lot of seasoning, vaguely understanding looks amongst listeners and a lot of theory and jargon. The supervisor leaves the room with a smile on his/her face and life goes back to normal, just as it has always been.
Everybody remembers the orientation week or weeks that we have at the beginning of every single academic year. We re-learn the facts and figures we have been learning for years without being able to remember any; we are re-introduced to the methodology used in the school, just in case we have forgotten, and long lectures about the latest educational trends. The luckiest teachers a…

Cradle of My Heart

She laughs and giggles
she knows the pearls
waiting within
for a cruel sailor
paying no heed to the lack of spring— hot waters, cold waters, the rules of the game do not, but the gain in the end matters— like softening the seeds impotent like a raging river before a dam— trees like hearts wait, the queen has not come yet in the heart of darkness, she went to do her time for eternity; her days are mine, her nights are not; they belong to everyone else— they can fill her greed I, on the other hand, can fill her heart.

Last moments of a golden age,
no longer shines in the eyes of men—
eternal sun to me a creed
I have never grown up—
she is the cradle of my heart;
not for that false hope
to break away and go—
promise a sparrow a fresh start
after clipping her wings;
this moment is a present but once,
no past, no future to behold;
in my arms, glowing like a match
let us look while we can see
what treasure you hold inside your eyes
what faith I have in mine
the ocean will never be still enough to dive;
now is…