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Too Much for Little Superman

The world is finally united
to bring the champion down—
no other will can fight it
or take away a crown.

To put the meat and feed
those little chicks appalled
at a world of all they need;
quenching is forever stalled.
Sweating a day in and a day out
on the face all left is but a grin;
all humility vivid with every shout
to bite the hand that feed's a sin.
Bear the world's bearing on you—
a vessel so tried so trusted
to run every course straight and true,
to hold and never get the course adjusted.
A dream one day you will hone
the spirits of the world a horse—
to travel there you must ride alone,
a superman against all the world's force.
Too much for little superman—
a price tag for every kiss and every hug
watching the world being raped for free,
the only nonsuffering is a thug.
Too much for little superman—
positivity could not defeat a tear
on the cheek of a man and blood
on every inch of his palms smear.
Too much for little superman—
to bear the burden of every man,
humiliation and true worl…

I Am the World

I am the world—
who are you?
a god of some sort
trying to penetrate me
with your arduous sport
and never-ending money?
I am the world—
what you're offering
is already in me.
Forgot my legs with your fancy cars,
nature outside, I see now on your TV;
enchained to my couch
pondering the fake world in front of me
seeking a way out of my misery—
so I did call;
the lack of needs I do not need,
the missing mind and heart
beating endlessly in my chest
like a wheelchair I made
and borrowed, then bought
for my brain to sit comfortably.
When did I forget
that I am the world
just like everybody—
concise life of a chapter or two
all I want is your body
and all you need is my money;
when did I forget
I am the world?
Where did it go, my humanity?
where on the hills of innocence
I lost my virginity?
Suckling your nipples like a mother,
and I'm way past my year twenty—
milk poisoned with consumer's eyes
I replaced with mine and chose not to see
a world being stolen
like hearts
and minds bogged down a spiral
leading into a ch…

Today Will Always Be Today

What is today if not a bridge for tomorrow?
They told us so to suck in all the pain
to promise a better day will come,
a better sun will shine
tomorrow which never comes—
today will always be today.
No conspiracy theory,
you are writing now your history—
no aliens, no secret bad rogues
holding up all the strings,
let me one time in this show
play my role— the one I wrote—
why are looking like that at me?
Haven’t you written any?
What are you doing here sitting
reading— indulging your big brain—
like a leaf in a hurricane,
enslaved by the yesterday
taken hostage by the tomorrow
living in a bubble like in a dream
except for this time, don’t wait to wake up,
you are already alive—
this is a real feed of your life.
Sell me one more year of yours,
a new product has just come out,
another year is sold;
the degree, the car, the household,
you’ve given away your best;
enjoy in the last days a look
in a spyglass into the glorious lost youth—
You could have changed the world
you’ve just let the world change you.
Wake up y…