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Just Be Positive and Shut Up

It is very negative not to be positive the whole time. Think of good stuff and you shall have it every day of your life. You may have a family of your own, children maybe, or a girlfriend, a boyfriend, a father, a sister or a brother, or anyone you may care about. Be positive that you still have them and cherish every moment with them before one of you is gone forever. You have got a job when a lot of other people do not. You are living in a paradise compared to other people living in famines and wretched situations. They keep patronizing you all the time because of your negativity and despondent perspective in life. It has never been easier to be positive when you are on the blessed side of the table.

The feast has already begun, and you are surrounded by a million things you crave for but do not dare dream of calling yours, but that is not half as painful as when you have realized that what if you had all these things, would they serve as a dream? The feast has previously begun, an…