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Just Get Over Me

If I fight to keep my soul,
and the ashes of war keep smoldering
under a pile of fallen friends and foes,
of dreams forsaken and lives abandoned,
of a kneeling generation
fooled into submission
by throwing unending candy onto the floor— petty prizes to be bought dreams refurbished and resold cheating them away from a priceless view of holding heads up high and see the world is all around and not beneath their feet— not every buyable dope’s a treat; like an old dog’s tail, what good would it be to stand when all the body juice goes bland and the eyes go blind— can’t catch the smell of a friend no more. If I fight to keep my soul, fight with me or just get over me.

If I fight to keep my soul,
when the world drowns in smithereens
of our own making—
commodities like a giant black hole
we thought we could swallow;
no reach no aim for tomorrow
just the instant joy of buying
a dream after a dream and slaying
the dream that can only be built—
the false ecstasy of bought love
dries too soon for there is no l…


Like the sky, drowning in the blue—
waves have come and gone
changing the very face of the shore,
but none of that is ever true—
Who is part of whom?
Yet what does it matter?
blue has never been our color
but together creating a majestic scene
for some, that might have seemed obscene—
to shed a credible doubt
onto the changing nature of sentiments
then consider our love a crime
and me being accused
of victimizing you;
I am condemned—
guilty of being in love with you.
No laughs, no cries can tell—
no smiles can send you to paradise
nor tears can cast you down to hell;
I have not offered much—
for what I do not have I do not sell—
I have offered you myself.
Whether a hill stands in the way
or a mountain, I know,
today, I know
with all broken bones
and faces scorched with scorn,
I’ll still carry you;
but don’t ask about tomorrow—
for what I do not have I do not sell—
do not dwell on love forever,
I don’t know in whose arms I die
or whose children I carry
or for which heartbreak I cry,
but I will remember—
what’s real an…

Tame Me

Don’t tame me!
My heart is wild;
my measures of love
are not measured by your sanity—
your common sense is too common for me,
just let me be
a lonely spirit waking every day
hungry for a start,
for none shall remain from the day before—
a new story begins at dawn
for better or worse at dusk is gone;
to remember the bits of what makes you who you are
is far better than to stuff the bits for one perfect memory—
to live up to the world,
but the world knows no harmony
away from the dull beats of conformity,
you will have to let me dine alone
beneath the stars;
no fancy chandeliers
no crystal wine glass
no big diamond ring
no kneeling, no horse, no knight
will ever secure my heart
and domesticate me in one of your pens—
unlike your many spoils and hens,
I am one bird who preferred the hazardous sky
to the safety of your nest;
safe is not who I am
tamed is not who I want to be,
for you, I may choose love,
but freedom, I will until eternity.