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Poetry | Cannot Give You More

If a heart alone would suffice,
I have given you all—
A world standing on the brink
Of losing its colors,
I have given you my red green and blue;
What more do I owe you?
What missing hue I have not surrendered
Generously like a rainbow
You ride along beyond the clouds
My body a bridge, my soul to satisfy
Your emptiness I filled like a pillow— Sleep tight for you are loved, And I will face the nightmares alone; Like a riddle carved in stone, I can never get to solve you; Not that I’ve lost my wits, But it is you who locked the door; What more can I give you? My transcendental form From a human to a ghost? Cannot give you more For I am left with none With you leeching off my soul; I had a heart to give to all Saved it for one man Better than the whole world— As if Christ had fallen in love And let the world suffer on its own; I’ve raised a tiger, Cannot keep it as pet, I know, But don’t bite me back, my son, Don’t leave me in the undergrowth For years I have fed you my flesh, Take the last bite …

Poetry | Embraced by the Sea

Here I lie alone naked on my bed
Watching you putting on your Levi’s jeans
Your tight shirt exaggerating your muscles
For that, you need not cover your head,
Slowly buckling your cowboy boots
Ready to ride away as the raid succeeds;
Walking towards the door looking back
Smiling at a pile of gold you turned to ash— Walking away with me in your collection, a figurine Curved and sculpted to perfection with no face, no name; Even the doorknob felt the grab of a better man Looking ahead taking deep breaths Ready to go before the dawn, Afraid the daylight might shine bright your black Leaving me lying alone naked under the moonlight Stitching my oozing wounds with tears; How could I have ever invited you in me— Looking at your face that you don’t see, Like a warlord conquering new land You’re already gone, I understand Leaving the spoils to rot in the sun— Secondhand is never as good as new; How can I blame and whom as I invited you in— My soul needed a break from this desert I thought, with your…