Poetry | Cannot Give You More

If a heart alone would suffice,
I have given you all—
A world standing on the brink
Of losing its colors,
I have given you my red green and blue;
What more do I owe you?
What missing hue I have not surrendered
Generously like a rainbow
You ride along beyond the clouds
My body a bridge, my soul to satisfy
Your emptiness I filled like a pillow—
Sleep tight for you are loved,
And I will face the nightmares alone;
Like a riddle carved in stone,
I can never get to solve you;
Not that I’ve lost my wits,
But it is you who locked the door;
What more can I give you?
My transcendental form
From a human to a ghost?
Cannot give you more
For I am left with none
With you leeching off my soul;
I had a heart to give to all
Saved it for one man
Better than the whole world—
As if Christ had fallen in love
And let the world suffer on its own;
I’ve raised a tiger,
Cannot keep it as pet, I know,
But don’t bite me back, my son,
Don’t leave me in the undergrowth
For years I have fed you my flesh,
Take the last bite yourself,
Don’t leave me so helpless
Watching my bones sucked
Watching them crushed
While I know I raised a tiger
And that tiger sold me for a slut
Not half the love I have to give,
Nor half the truth I have to say—
I know I raised a tiger
A wild seedling
On its way out had plucked my womb
And torn my world apart.
Go on my child, my predator
You have a lot to kill, still
don’t watch my death,
For I have given you life
But know I can give no more
What more do I owe you?
I cannot give you more.


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