English Vocabulary Builder 01

Perfect English: English Vocabulary Builder 1

In this list, you will learn the following keywords:

apparel | besiege | compress | denounce | dispatch | douse | expressly | famished | forsake | gainful | immense | inept | ingenious | instantaneous | irk | libel | misgiving | oaf | recede | repast

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Remember that all the different ways I have provided are meant for you to come back and re-study the words in different ways to consolidate what you have learned and to transform these words from passive knowledge into active vocabulary you can use in your speaking and writing. Don’t do these exercises once and move on. When it comes to vocabulary, we all need repetition. I tried to make the exercises as fun and engaging as I can.

The vocabulary building activities is a weekly post, so tune in every week for a new list and twenty new words to add to your English vocabulary arsenal.


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