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Most of us have been using PowerPoint for a long time. It is standard practice to teach it at schools and one of the most used applications in any workplace when it comes to presenting anything. However, since we learned the basics and developed some good practices and shortcuts from our own experience, we haven’t improved much. That is the case I have seen with many co-workers and friends who are convinced that they are proficient at all office applications, especially PowerPoint, but the truth is that the majority have just scratched the surface and have no idea what this application can offer. Most people I have trained, or maybe I should say re-trained because all of them thought they knew everything there was to know about PowerPoint, were amazed at what PowerPoint could do. They had no idea that it is much more than just putting pictures and text together and adding a couple of cool transitions and animations. The usual response I would get after my training sessions was, “I didn’t know PowerPoint could do that!”

Of course, I am not trying to criticize people for not digging deeply enough to figure out all the hidden gems in PowerPoint because some people are simply not interested and others just didn’t know, but what my trainings told me about both types was that they both found the hidden secrets of PowerPoint beneficial and that gave them a lot of new ideas to build their presentations around.

Do not get me wrong, I am not saying that PowerPoint is a super application that has no flaws or limitations at all, but I guarantee you, it is not as limited as you thought it was. For this specific reason, I created my online course PowerPoint Masterclass: Create Interactive Presentations to showcase the possibilities of this application rather than just teach how to use, which I did anyway. I believe learning an application should not only stick to some essentials you should do by the book and that’s it; it should help you imagine new ways you can use the application for, and that’s what I tried to do with my online course.

I have included here a sample lesson from the course, which I would like you to watch and I am sure you will benefit from. If you think you would like to learn more, then follow the link I will provide to get the course at a great discounted price. If you are still not interested even after you watch the video, I should hope that the information I have shared were beneficial to you.

I this video I build on an earlier project I built step-by-step in the course and take it to the new level by adding advanced animations and interactivity tricks to make it look and feel interactive. Enjoy the video and here is the link with the discount on Udemy. I hope I see you there.

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