Speaking - Appearances Discussion Topics

In this episode from Perfect English with Danny, we will have discussion topics and questions about appearances, so the episode will indeed focus on speaking and ways to start a conversation about appearances.

Perfect English with Danny Episode 91 – Speaking – Appearances Discussion Topics

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Episode Transcript

Welcome to a new episode from perfect English with Danny, in this episode, the focus is on speaking. And you might think to yourself, how are we going to speak? Or how am I going to speak to you in a podcast? Or the most important question? How are you going to respond? There can be no conversation in a podcast, it’s just listening. Right? Well, that might be true. And of course, I’m not gonna say it is easy to make a conversation through a podcast. But what I’m going to do in this speaking episode is I’m going to ask questions, I’m going to hopefully start a discussion. Now what I want you to do is to think of these questions as if I were with you, and imagine that you’re talking to me, or at least you want to discuss this thing with somebody because a very important practice for speaking is to actually practice what you want to say ahead of time and to think about different subjects, different topics, different things to talk about, and see if you have enough words, enough grammar, enough sentences, phrases, etc. to talk about these things. Now with the other episodes, we focus on vocabulary, we focus on grammar, we focus on idioms, we listen to poetry, we listen to nonfiction stuff. And that’s all important because it builds the background you need to speak. Because the ultimate goal of any English lesson podcast or whatever it is, it is to speak the language to produce the language. It’s not just to understand it’s not just to be a receiver. So after all this long introduction, let us start with our episode, which is going to be about appearances. And as I said, I’m going to stir some discussion questions and I would like you to think about them and to answer these questions in your own language. A very good practice for you is to record yourself. And when you want to record yourself, just record and forget about the language, the words, the grammar, etc, that you’re using, and just try to speak. And after you’re done, listen to what you recorded. And trust me, you will figure out your mistakes on your own. And I would hate to call them mistakes because mistakes are just a way of getting better. They’re not actually a negative thing. But when you record yourself, speak freely, then bring the critic listen back to your recording and criticize what you just said. Or if you have somebody you can speak English to. You can use the questions and the discussion topics we’re going to use here and talk about this thing with a person who speaks English that will help a lot. Now before we start, let me remind you that you can become a patron of this podcast on Patreon and that will help this podcast lot that will help the podcast remain strong, and it will help me make it even better. I am planning on releasing videos that will complement this podcast as well. But I would highly appreciate your support if you can, if you can just spread the word, share it with your friends, see who can support this podcast, that will be a big help. And now let’s talk about appearances. We’ll first talk about first impressions. Now there’s a fact that says that people form 90% of their opinion of someone in the first 90 seconds. Do you agree with that? Or maybe you think, no, you’re not that kind of person. It is a fact it is based on some scientific studies, but you might agree or disagree with that. But before you decide whether you agree or disagree with that, let me ask you some questions. What conclusions can you draw when you see people like the ones I’m going to describe now? What conclusions can you draw when you see a man who wears an earring in one year? What is your impression? And how about a woman with an earring in her nose? A man with a beard or mustache? A woman who wears heavy makeup? A 60 year old man with long hair? Someone who wears lots of jewelry? Someone who’s always laughing? How about someone who bites their nails, or someone who has tattoos? Or someone with red hair? So think about it. And one by one, I want you to think about what you would say what would your impression be about these people that I gave you descriptions of? Now, just let me tell you something. If you want to practice your speaking, I know it’s a good idea to write some kind of outline of what you want to say but to practice your speaking and this one is about speaking we will have a lot of writing episodes to come. But since this is about speaking, try just to say what you want to say without planning with no preparation. Just say what you know. If you try my advice about recording yourself,

it will help your speaking a lot. So that was our first topic. The next topic I would like to discuss with you is beauty. Now we talked about first impressions. How about beauty? Now there’s a famous saying that goes like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What is that supposed to mean? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in simple words, that means that there is no one definition of beauty beauty is the way you see it. You might see something that you call beautiful, I might see the same thing and I don’t have this impression. I might not see it as beautiful. But does that make the thing or the person of course beautiful or not? Is it for anybody to decide? Does it matter? Isn’t your opinion about it? The only thing that matters or does it matter what other people think I think about it when you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend or even when you marry Of course when you have a husband or a wife, obviously you married this person. Or you’re going out with this person for a reason. And we cannot lie to ourselves. physical appearances are important, and we are attracted to them. But since you are attracted to this person, that means you like their physical appearance, you think they are beautiful. But what if one person comes to you and tells you that this man you’re going out with or this woman you’re going out with is ugly? Does it matter what other people think about the person you’re going out with? Or is the important thing only the way you see this person? And here comes what we just said, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Well, let me just ask you some questions and some kind of talking in your head some kind of things to talk about. Let me just ask you some questions and encourage you to think and speak about this specific topic. Well, first of all, do you think this proverb is true? Or are there certain norms of beauty? Is it true that it doesn’t matter what other people Think it just matters what you think. Or, you know, it’s not exactly true. The truth is that there are some norms of beauty. But if you want to go this way, just remember that the norms of beauty are not always the thing we see on the television. But again, what forms the norms of beauty in our eyes other than the television and other things that we see on the media? Well, think about it. I have another question for you. Are we born with an innate sense of beauty? Or do we acquire it? Do you think it is natural? Do you think that people just know what is beautiful and what is not? Or do we learn this thing in our life? Do we learn what’s beautiful and what’s not beautiful? And here’s another question is physical attractiveness, easier to identify and more important in women or men? So if you think about physical attractiveness, you might think about some kind of norms, maybe weight, maybe height, etc, all of these descriptions that you might think list down and think that this is the description of a beautiful person. And if you think about that, or if you agree with that, do you think that physical attractiveness is more important in men or women? Now, of course, most people would say women, but do you agree with that? Is it true that men can still look like monkeys with no problems, especially if they’re rich, but women cannot? Well think about it. And now let’s move to another question. Do most people overestimate or underestimate their own beauty? What do you think? Well, first, you can think about yourself, you can ask this question to yourself, do you actually overestimate or underestimate your own beauty? And then you can think about other people? How much does self confidence play a role in that and the self confidence come from good looks or does good looks especially the way you think about your looks, comes from your self confidence which one builds which maybe when you think about that, you will have some Some revelation about which one should be which. And now let’s move to another question, what influence does someone’s physical appearance have on their personality? And vice versa? Which is very similar to the question I just asked. And always, when you want to think about something like that, start with yourself, think to yourself, how does that work with you? And you will have a lot to say when you think about it from your own perspective. And of course, maybe you don’t want to open up and speak to people about this, or you want to choose the people you want to speak. Maybe you just want to talk to your friends about these things. And that is okay. But to be able to think about scenarios, think about words and things you want to say. It’s a lot easier when you start from yourself because

you know almost everything about yourself. So that might be something that will even help you make your speaking better. Let’s move now to the next question is beauty only a physical quality. Now of course, people say That beauty is not only in the looks, and it is also in the personality, but do you really believe in that? Or when you call something or actually somebody’s beautiful? You’re just talking about the way they look, it doesn’t matter what is right and what is wrong. It just matters what you think because nobody’s judging anybody. And the way you think is the way you think you don’t have to justify it to anybody. Now, Aristotle said that beauty was a greater recommendation than any letter of introduction. Do you agree with that? And here he was talking, obviously, about the physical beauty. And now I will give you some situations and I want you to think about these situations and see whether you agree with those situations or not. If you’re good looking, you’re most likely to have a pleasant personality and have more friends. Do you agree with that? or you don’t. Another situation if you’re good looking, you’re more likely to study humanistic or artistic side Object rather than scientific subjects. Do you agree with that? And again, I will have to remind you think about yourself first, think about the people, you know, well, the people around you, do you think that’s true? And if it is true, do you agree with it? And how about this one? If you’re good looking, you’re more likely to be treated more leniently. If you are in the wrong. Do you think that beautiful people or good looking people get away with things they do when ordinary looking people don’t, or they get punished harshly because of things when the same thing was done by a person who’s good looking, and they didn’t seem to get the same punishment. Remember back at school or university or even in families, you know, just that can happen. What do you think? Does it really happen? Is it really true and the most important thing, do you agree with it? Do you agree with what’s happening? Let’s get one more. If you’re good looking, you’re more likely to get a job with higher status, you think that’s true? You agree with it? If you’re a good looking, you’re more likely to find a partner and get married. Is this the truth? And if it is the truth, do you agree with it? Or do you think, what’s your opinion? And finally, if you’re good looking, you’re more likely to be generally happier. How about that? First of all, do you think it is true? And the second question, obviously, is, do you agree with that? What’s your opinion? So these are all my discussion topics for today, and I want you to think about them, I want you to talk about them. If you would like you can share your opinion and start the conversation going on my Facebook page where I share all perfect English with Danny episodes, or you can leave a comment. I know it is not much for now. But soon enough, we will have our own forum and we can discuss these topics in depth with all our community, but I’m still working on that. And I’m going to be adding this to my website very soon, but until then, there is the Facebook page. I’m going to leave leave a link to the Facebook page, we can start the discussion there. And you can share what you think with me and with the rest of the community. So that’ll be all. I hope you like this episode. And before we go, just remember, just remember, this podcast will benefit a lot from your support. So if you can support please take the link I will leave in the description of this episode to the Patreon page of this podcast and support it if you can, or spread the word and share it with your friends who might want to support this podcast. This is your host Danny same thank you very much for listening to another episode from perfect English with Danny. I will see you again in other episodes.


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