Vocabulary Builder 5 - from English Plus Podcast

What is this episode about?

In this episode from English Plus Podcast, you are going to build your vocabulary by adding 20 new words to your arsenal. We will start with the meaning of each word and then we will see how this word is used in an easy-to-understand example, and that’s not everything, we will add more to our vocabulary by mentioning the synonyms and antonyms of these 20 words.

After you listen to the episode, it is essential that you practice the words you learned or you will forget it as fast as you have learned them, but don’t worry, I got you covered. I have created a worksheet you can download for free as a PDF. In this worksheet, you will find a crossword puzzle, a word search, and a couple of more exercises that will help you nail the spelling and the meaning of these 20 new words. You can find the link to download below.

If you are not a fan of PDFs and printing exercises on paper and do them by hand, I have something for you as well. You will find below the list of words in Quizlet where you can practice the words by using flashcards, games and more activities, and there are an electronic crossword puzzle and a word search activity you do anywhere on any device you have available.

Vocabulary Builder 4 Audio

The Wordlist


(adj.) with a sharp point; sharp and severe; rising quickly to a
high point and lasting for a short time


(v.) to talk or act in a noisy and threatening way; to blow in
stormy gusts; (n.) speech that is loud and threatening


(v.) to act or work clumsily and awkwardly; to ruin something
through clumsiness


(n.) a series of notes clarifying or explaining something; an
expression of opinion


(n.) the length of time that something continues or lasts


(adj.) causing fear because of strangeness; weird, mysterious


(n.) one aspect or side of a subject or problem; one of the cut
surfaces of a gem


(n.) the state of being faithful; accuracy in details, exactness


(n.) a brawl, a noisy quarrel; (v.) to wear away by rubbing;
make ragged or worn; to strain, irritate


(adj.) willful, stubborn


(n.) one living permanently in a given place


(adj.) having lost the power of feeling or movement; (v.) to
dull the feelings of; to cause to lose feeling


(v.) to make peaceful or calm; to soothe


(adj.) greedy; very hungry; eager for satisfaction


(v.) to prove incorrect


(n.) deep and painful regret for one's past misdeeds; pangs of


(n.) something that interferes with progress; a disappointment,
unexpected loss or defeat; a steplike recession in a wall


(adj.) overly self-satisfied, self-righteous


(n.) a brief statement giving a general view of some subject,
book, etc.; a summary


(v.) to delay leaving; to linger, wait; to remain or stay for a

Practice PDF Worksheet

English Plus Vocabulary Builder 5 Answer Key

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