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In this Vocabulary Builder episode, you will learn the words: alias, amble, burly, distort, dogged, dumbfounded, extinct, fossil, grit, inevitable, ingrained, meteoric, parody, prevail, rend, replenish, rummage, skimp, sleuth, and vandalism.


alias(n.) an assumed name, especially as used to hide one’s identity; (adv.) otherwise called
amble(v.) to walk slowly, stroll; (n.) an easy pace; a leisurely walk
burly(adj.) big and strong; muscular
distort(v.) to give a false or misleading account of; to twist out of shape
dogged(adj.) persistent, stubbornly determined, refusing to give up
dumbfounded(adj.) so amazed that one is unable to speak, bewildered
extinct(adj.) no longer in existence; no longer active; gone out of use
fossil(n.) the petrified remains or traces of an animal or plant that lived in the past; an extremely old-fashioned person or thing; (adj.) having qualities that belong to a remote past
grit(n.) very fine sand or gravel; courage in the face of hardship or danger; (v.) to grind; to make a grating sound
inevitable(adj.) sure to happen, unavoidable
ingrained(adj.) fixed deeply and firmly; working into the grain or fiber; forming a part of the inmost being
meteoric(adj.) resembling a meteor in speed; having sudden and temporary brilliance similar to a meteor’s
parody(n.) a humorous or ridiculous imitation; (v.) to make fun of something by imitating it
prevail(v.) to triumph over; to succeed; to exist widely, be in general use; to get someone to do something by urging
rend(v.) to tear to pieces; split violently apart (past tense, rent)
replenish(v.) to fill again, make good, replace
rummage(v.) to search through, investigate the contents of; (n.) an active search; a collection of odd items
skimp(v.) to save, be thrifty; to be extremely sparing with; to give little attention or effort to
sleuth(n.) a detective
vandalism(n.) deliberate and pointless destruction of public or private property

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Disclaimer: I am using an automatic transcript service as it is not possible for me to do it on my own and I cannot afford human transcription at the moment. The service claims to have about 95% accuracy, which means there will still be some mistakes, so my apologies for having a less than perfect transcript, but I hope I can afford human transcription soon and this problem will be solved. However, the service is pretty good and the transcript will prove to be almost perfect.


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Welcome to a new vocabulary builder from English plus podcast. Today we will talk about dinosaurs. And from this text, we are going to learn six new words. And if you’re interested in more words to learn, you can follow the link and you can learn 14 new words in addition to the six words we’re going to talk about in today’s episode. But now without further ado, let’s first read about dinosaurs and know more about the truth of dinosaurs.


Hunters first began to find identify and speculate about dinosaur fossils in the early 1800s. Since then, people the world over have offered a wide range of ideas and opinions about life in the age of dinosaurs. These great creatures have inspired painters, cartoonists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, and others. But not all ideas reflected scientific reality, whether on purpose or out of ignorance, generations of misinformation have distorted our view of dinosaurs, which have been portrayed as stupid, vicious and slow moving creatures. Recent evidence now show that some good run very fast and with grace, many had well developed brains. We now know that some were fierce predators, while others were peaceful vegetarians in nature’s great timeline, dinosaurs works


Long before human beings first appeared, scenes of primitive people battling dinosaurs could never really have happened. plots that may make for observing entertainment bold comedy or gripping adventure should not be confused with reality. It may be inevitable that creatures as big and as mystifying as dinosaurs would inspire art and invention. This is just what science fiction is a blend of fact and fantasy that entertains and stirs thought famous sci fi adventures such as King Kong Journey to the Center of the Earth. The land that time for God and the Tarzan tales have become part of popular culture. They amuse both scientists and escapist even a cartoon like the Flintstones, in which sitcom k families have cute dinosaurs as pets and as burly beasts of burden amuses us. Most cartoons be accurate, maybe true.


should prevail over entertainment value. To combat imaginative fiction being taken as truth. We need to do detailed research and ask probing questions. So that was our story about dinosaurs and the truth about dinosaurs. Well, of course, many of these scientific facts must be known by many of you now, nobody really believes that dinosaurs were those stupid creatures that had no brains were very slow or even the Flintstones stories, but the one thing we can all agree on that dinosaurs captured our imagination for generations, and it will continue to do so for generations to come. But now without further ado, let’s focus on the words we want to learn today. Our words are fossil, distort, extinct, inevitable, burly and prevail. And we had all these words in our story. So let’s first start with fossil. Our first


Word. In the story we said bone hunters first began to find, identify and speculate about dinosaur fossils in the early 1800s. Well, we know dinosaurs. But what is the meaning of dinosaur fossils? A fossil is the heart remains of a prehistoric animal or plant that are found inside a rock. So it’s not always about dinosaurs. But it’s a perfect example for dinosaurs. When we talk about dinosaur fossils, we’re talking about the hard remains of dinosaurs and fossil is spelled f s s i L, fossil. And now for our next word distort. We said in the story, whether on purpose or out of ignorance, generations of misinformation have distorted our view of dinosaurs, which have been portrayed as stupid, vicious and slow moving creatures. So here, the misinformation or the generations of misinformation


We have distorted our view. So do you think that the stored means made it right or wrong? Did it change the fact? What is the meaning of distort? If you distort a statement, fact or idea, you report or represented in an untrue way, like when we say for example, the media distorts reality categorizes people as all good or all bad. And in our story, generations of misinformation have distorted our view of dinosaurs. So, it has changed the fact and represented in an untrue way. So that is the meaning of distort. And by the way, the story is spelled d i s t o RT. And now let’s move to the next word extinct. We said in our story in nature’s great timeline, dinosaurs were extinct long before human beings first appeared. If we talk about


A species of animal or plant that is extinct, that means it no longer has any living members, either in the world or in a particular place. So, when we talk about dinosaurs were extinct long before human beings they were dead, they were lost, gone, vanished. So, that is the meaning of extinct which is spelled e x t INCT. And now for our next word, inevitable. Now, we said it may be inevitable that creatures as big and as mystifying as dinosaurs would inspire art and invention. When we talk about something that is inevitable, we mean that it is certain to happen and cannot be prevented or avoided. An avoidable thing in escapable thing, a sure thing to happen. inevitable, like death, for example. Now there’s a famous saying that goes like in life nothing is ineffable.


Except for death and taxes, so nothing is unavoidable or inescapable in life, except for death taxes here to add humor, of course. But the idea here that they’re being big and magnificent, mystifying, etc, that made their entry in the entertainment business or the art or any kind of other inspiration, inevitable, unavoidable. So that was our fourth word. Now let’s go to our fifth word, and that is birlea bu RLY birlea. Now we said in the story, even a cartoon like the Flintstones, in which sitcom cave families have cute dinosaurs as pets, and as burly beasts of burden amuses us. So we’re talking about burly beasts of burden. It is a physical description, the word burly talks about physical description What do you think? we talking about skinny fat strong a combination


What is it? Well, a burly man has a broad body and strong muscles. So we’re talking about a body that is similar to those big football players big and strong. It’s not just big, it’s not just overweight. No, it’s big and strong, powerful. So that is the word burly. And now for our last word, and that is prevail. Now in our story, we said, maybe truth should prevail over entertainment value. We talked about the fictional concept of dinosaurs and the scientific concept and here maybe truth should prevail over entertainment value, but what is the meaning of prevail now prevail, which is spelled br e VIL is a verb and we can use prevail in many different contexts. Now, if a proposal, principle or opinion prevails, it gains influence or is accepted, often after a struggle or argument.


When we say political and personal ambitions are starting to prevail over economic interests, like when we say when succeed, triumph or overcome, and also if a situation, attitude or custom prevails in a particular place at a particular time, it is normal or most common in that place at that time. So it’s not always about winning, it’s also about being widespread, predominate, etc. and we can use it also in battles, contexts or disputes. If one side in a battle contest or dispute prevails, it wins. And we can use it for a specific purpose that is very close to persuading somebody, if you prevail upon someone to do something. But here you have to be careful, it’s the whole expression, you prevail upon someone to do something. That means you succeed in persuading that person to do that thing, but this is a very formal


Use of prevail that we don’t usually use in everyday conversation. So here truth should prevail over entertainment. Truth should succeed or should win or should overcome the entertainment value. So, these were our six words for today. Thank you very much for listening to us. And don’t forget that you can find the transcript of this episode if you follow the link in the description. But that’s not all. You will find more words to learn PDF downloadable worksheets with crossword puzzles, word searches, spelling activities, and more. And you will find the interactive activities that you can use to practice the words and make them a part of your permanent active vocabulary bank. So I hope you liked the episode and I hope you take the extra effort of learning the other words on the website. This is your host, Danny, thank you very much. Until next time.

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