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In this Vocabulary Builder 14 episode, you will learn the words: adhere, affirm, atrocity, audition, cope, deter, disquieting, empower, fluent, lag, mangle, misapprehension, optimist, prowl, stupefy, sulky, supplement, surge, trait, and unscrupulous.


adhere(v.) to stick to, remain attached; to be devoted or loyal as a follower or supporter
affirm(v.) to declare to be true, state positively; to confirm
atrocity(n.) an extremely wicked, brutal, or cruel act; something very bad or unpleasant
audition(n.) a trial hearing for a performer; (v.) to conduct or perform such a hearing
cope(v.) to struggle successfully against; to prove to be a match for, deal with satisfactorily; (n.) a long religious cloak; a canopy
deter(v.) to discourage, scare off, or prevent through fear or doubt
disquieting(adj) disturbing, causing anxiety
empower(v.) to give power or authority to; to enable; to permit
fluent(adj.) speaking or writing easily and smoothly, flowing gracefully
lag(v.) to move slowly or fall behind; to bring up the rear; (n.) a falling behind; the amount by which someone or something is behind; an interval
mangle(v.) to injure very seriously by cutting, tearing, crushing, etc.; to bring to ruin
misapprehension(n.) a wrong idea, misunderstanding
optimist(n.) one who expects things to turn out for the best; someone who looks on the bright side of things
prowl(v.) to roam about stealthily in search of something
stupefied(v.) to make stupid, dull, or groggy; to surprise or astonish
sulky(adj.) in a bad or nasty mood, resentful; gloomy
supplement(n.) something added to complete a thing or make up for a lack; a section added to a book or document; (v.) to provide such an addition or completion
surge(v.) to have a heavy, violent, swelling motion (like waves); (n.) a powerful forward rush
trait(n.) a quality or characteristic (especially of personality); a distinguishing feature
unscrupulous(adj.) dishonest; not guided or controlled by moral principles

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Disclaimer: I am using an automatic transcript service as it is not possible for me to do it on my own and I cannot afford human transcription at the moment. The service claims to have about 95% accuracy, which means there will still be some mistakes, so my apologies for having a less than perfect transcript, but I hope I can afford human transcription soon and this problem will be solved. However, the service is pretty good and the transcript will prove to be almost perfect.

00:03 Welcome to a new episode from English plus podcast. And today’s episode is all about vocabulary. And we will learn new words from our little story about Mary Cassatt. Now, many of you might not know Merica sock, but I’m pretty sure that after this little story of ours, you will know a lot about her. So without further ado, let’s start with the story. Merica sought through what her life American painter Merica saw demonstrated several important traits that contributed to her success, a passion for painting, hard work, and extensive study empowered her to achieve success in an age when few women had careers. She first studied art in Pennsylvania, where she was born in 1844. To supplement her training, she traveled to Europe. visited great art museums in Rome and Madrid. Above all, she spent time in Paris, then the center of the modern art world. Her confidence surged when, in 1868. Her painting a mandolin player was accepted for exhibit in a famous Paris art show. She decided to settle in Paris and to devote herself to a life of art. Do God so cassettes work, and in 1877, he asked her to join the Impressionists, a group of artists who use shimmering color and bold brush strokes and experimented with light shadow and form. croissants prestigious colleagues included Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, and van gogue. In America sad day, most women married and raised families. few women had careers that did not deter her cassock decided not to marry making The conscious choice of art over family. At first America sought painted typical scenes, social events, nightlife, people at work and scenes of the theater. Eventually, she decided not to adhere to these themes alone, she chose instead to portray domestic life. Although she did not have a family of our own. Her Tinder mother and child portraits became her most beloved pictures, because out produced over 200 works during her career. When her vision began to fail in 1911, she was forced to give up art. She died near Paris in 1926. So I hope you learn something that you didn’t know before about America that you may not have heard of her, which is a shame, of course, because she was an incredible woman, especially talking about the time she lived in. It was not an easy time for a woman to have a career, let alone be afraid. famous artists along with Renoir, Van gogue, Durga, and others. But of course, after we learn about America sad, now we come back to our vocabulary builder episode. And what we are here to do. We are going to learn six words from the text. And of course, there are more words, if you take the link, I leave in the description. And if you want to add more to your vocabulary bank, but from our story of America site, we have six words, trade, empower, supplement, surge, deter and add here. So let’s start with the first word trait. Now in our story, we said American painter America saw demonstrated several important traits that contributed to her success. And then we talked about those traits. We said, a passion for painting, hard work, and extensive study. So what do we mean traits when we talk about traits and those traits important traits that contributed to her success? Aren’t we talking about qualities here. When we talk about traits, we’re talking about a particular characteristic quality, or tendency that someone or something has. And usually we talk about traits to try and describe people’s personalities. And that is the case here. And by the way, trade is spelled t er ay ay ay ay t. So that was our first word. And now for our next word, empower when we continue talking about her traits, and we said that a passion for painting hard work and extensive study empowered her to achieve success in an age when few women had careers. So what is the meaning of empower? Now we can help but notice that empower comes from the word power, but when we add em at the beginning of power, what does that mean? Now obviously, if you look at the context, we talked about her passion, her hard work and extensive study all of these things in mind empowered her to achieve success. So it gave her the power she needed to achieve success, because these things were obviously important to achieve the success she achieved in her day. So to empower someone means to give them the means to achieve something, for example, to become stronger, or more successful, and we use empower in a more formal sense. If someone is empowered to do something, they have the authority or power to do it. So that is kind of official, like when we say the army is now empowered to operate on a shoot to kill basis, which is a shame, of course, in some situations, but sometimes it’s necessary. I don’t know why it is necessary, but sometimes it is. So anyway, so that is the meaning of empower, which is spelled e m p o, w, e, r, empower. And now for our next word, supplement, supplement is spelled su p p f e, m, e and T. And our story we said to supplement after we talked about her career and her extensive study, etc. We said to supplement her training, she traveled to Europe and visited great art museums in Rome and Madrid. So if you think about it and think about the context, does that mean that that was the essential part of her training? That was everything she had? Or no, that was an addition to what she had but an important addition we have to say. So in addition to her passion for painting, hard work and extensive study, which empowered her in the first place to achieve success, she wanted to supplement her training, and that’s why she travelled to Europe and visited great art museums in Rome and Madrid. So if you supplement something, you add something to it in order to improve it. So that is the supplement like when we say people doing extra jobs outside their regular jobs to supplement their incomes to improve their income, or we when we talk about supplementing your diet with vitamins EA, etc. So that is also adding to your diet to improve your diet, especially with vitamins. So that was the meaning of supplement. Now for our next word search, su RGE search. Now in our story we said her confidence surged when in 1868 are painting a mandolin player was accepted for exhibit in a famous Paris art show. Now consider the context of her painting a mandolin player was accepted for exhibit in a famous Paris art show. Well that is a great success for a person who wants to have a breakthrough in the world of art and for this to happen in Paris. Well That’s a big deal. Well, actually, it is a big deal today if it happens anywhere around the world if your work is accepted for a famous art gallery, to be exhibited in a famous art gallery, that is a big deal. But especially back in the day, Paris was the center of the modern art world, and to have your painting accepted for an exhibit in a famous Paris art show is a big deal. So what was the effect of this thing? her confidence surged? So are we talking about something that gave a boost her confidence? Or are we talking about something that broke her confidence? Obviously, it gave her a big boost. So assert is a sudden large increase in something that has previously been steady or has only increased or developed slowly. So her for her confidence. We didn’t say she was not a confident woman. No, she was a confident woman. That’s why she did what she did. And she pursued her passion all the way. To Paris, but maybe her confidence was improving slowly, steadily, slowly, and that’s all good. But after this big event, her confidence surged, there was a sudden large increase in her confidence. So if something surges, it increases suddenly and greatly after being steady or developing slowly. So that was about search. Now let’s move to the next word deter d t, e r deter. Now, in our story, we said that in America Saturday, most women married and raised families, few women had careers, but that did not deter her. If you think about it, we know from the rest of the story that she didn’t marry and she preferred art over marriage and domestic life. But that was the norm back then. Women were expected just to get married raise children, and that’s about it. They were not expected to have careers That was the norm. That was what society expected Mary to do. But did that deter her? Did that stop her? No, it did not. And she became a great success and a great example for women, even today on how to challenge the social norms, and pursue what they’re passionate about, but the word deter itself. So it means to deter someone from doing something means to make them not want to do it or continue doing it. So obviously, to discourage you, to inhibit you, to put you off to frighten you sometimes, and eventually to stop you from doing it. But of course, we said here that that did not deter Mary, and she pursued her passions. And now we come to our last word for our story, but Mary Kay Assad and that is adhere A d h. e. r e, adhere. Now in our story we said eventually She decided not to adhere to these themes alone. We were talking about the first themes. She worked on social events, nightlife, people at work and scenes of the theater. But then she decided not to adhere to these themes alone. She chose to portray domestic life, she chose other things. She did not stick to those themes alone. So if you add here to an opinion or belief, you support or hold it, or you kind of like stick to it. And here we’re not talking about a belief or opinion, we’re talking about a theme. And obviously she started with some common themes, but then she did not adhere to them. She changed. She chose other themes. So that was all about Merrick Assad and the words I wanted to share with you today. Remember that you can find more words if you follow the link. I will leave in the description. On my website, there will be 20 words And you will have the opportunity to add even more to your vocabulary bank. And that’s not everything. You can have the full transcript of this episode in the link as well and you will have a link to interactive activities you can practice on Quizlet This is your host Danny, thank you very much for listening to the podcast today. I will see you next time.

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