4 Words’ Sake Daily Digest


Did you know that keepsake means something kept in memory of the giver; a souvenir?
Here is my creative use of it:
The photos were keepsakes of the days long gone, so he burned them, set off and never looked back.


Did you know that mimic means to imitate the behavior of someone, esp. with intention to ridicule?
Here is my creative use of it:
The beauty of her smile mimicked the fluttering of my heart, but I enjoyed being ridiculed.


Did you know that authorize means to approve or permit?
Here is my creative use of it:
My head never authorized your love, but what a life would be without the heart.


Did you know that acute means sharp; shrewd; intense?
Here is my creative use of it:
Her vibes were so acute that I felt her looks stabbing, her moves crumbling the earth, and my heart a Titanic sunk in the deep.

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