4 Words’ Sake Daily Digest


Did you know that douse means plunge into water; drench; extinguish?
Here is my creative use of it:
Nothing should ever douse the flame of youth in your heart.


Did you know that intensive means thorough, deep; showing great effort; concentrated?
Here is my creative use of it:
Her looks were so intensive that you feel they can penetrate your soul.


Did you know that upheaval means a violent or sudden change or disruption to something?
Here is my creative use of it:
In a great upheaval of emotions, he finally had the guts to tell her that he loved her.


Did you know that facet means one aspect or side of a subject or problem; one of the cut surfaces of a gem?
Here is my creative use of it:
The multi-faceted angel and demon creature is known as a human being.

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