4 Words’ Sake Daily Digest


Did you know that recede means to go or move backward; to become more distant?
Here is my creative use of it:
His old life receded like a dream before his eyes, and he had no power to stop it.


Did you know that detract means to take away, especially from the value, beauty, or importance of?
Here is my creative use of it:
Detract a sliver of light or shade, and her face will no longer be perfect.


Did you know that sluggish means lazy; slow-moving; not active, dull?
Here is my creative use of it:
His fingers felt sluggish on the keys for he was living off music now, not for it anymore.


Did you know that discredit means to refuse to believe; to dishonor; disgrace?
Here is my creative use of it:
Discredit my being a man; that will decay, yet do not discredit my love for that is forever.

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