Just a little about myself…

My story with writing started when I was about ten years old when I wrote my first poem, which I called “ Who Are You?” I published it in the school magazine. Ever since I have been asking myself the same question over and over, and I’m still learning something new every day.

I have written a lot since that day, and to this day I have published five books — a novel, a short story collection and three poetry collections. I am working now on my novel series that will be published later this year. I never know whose eyes might a couple of coincidental words open, whose life might be changed or whose heart might be touched by the words I write, so I never hope to dazzle you, impress you or whatever; I only hope to touch your heart.

I also have a great passion for education, which has been my career for the past fifteen years. I have learned a lot from the students I taught, the people I worked with and the many experiments and researches I did. I always try to come up with new ideas or improve on the ones that are already there. Sometimes, I fail, and some other lucky times, I have great successes. It can never get more exciting than that! Also, my love for computers helped me find ways to apply my new ideas in a more modern fashion that have proved to be more useful and appealing to students. 

After more than twenty years of working for people, I have finally made the bold move of moving on to work on my own. I am writing more than ever before and I am making music for my books. I am also creating online courses and educational games for schools, universities, and companies. I am so excited about my new life and I know I will get there because I am giving it all and everything.

Thank you for reading about me, and I will be happy if you contact me to ask about anything you need, or if you just want to communicate.

Yours truly,

Danny Ballan

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