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My story with writing started when I was about ten years old when I wrote my first poem, which I called ”Who Are You?” I published it in the school magazine. Ever since I have been asking myself the same question over and over, and apparently, I have managed to find many different, even sometimes contradictory, answers, yet the quest was never in vain. I figured that the more I dug into myself, the more I learned about the people around me; the more careful I was to hear my voice coming from the inside, the more attentive I became when I listened to others, the more important questions I tried to answer, and the more answers I was helping others to find. And of course, this whole experience opened my eyes to all the different people I have around me and the tons of new things I can learn from each one of them every day.

I cannot claim today that I have figured the answers to all my questions, and I think I never will as more questions arise every day, but one thing to be sure about is that I will never stop asking.

I write every day knowing that the very next day, I will criticize my writing and will find a lot of problems in its form and style, but I never lose my grasp of what I want to say. I think I am getting better at writing, but the most important thing I have learned about writing is to never lose grasp of what I want to tell the world. As long as I have something to say, I will be able to say it beautifully one day, and until that day comes, I will keep writing it.

I never know whose eyes might a couple of coincidental words open, whose life might be changed or whose heart might be touched by the words I write, so I never hope to dazzle you, impress you or whatever; I only hope to touch your heart.

I am also interested in education, which has been my career for the past fifteen years. I have learned a lot from the students I taught, the people I worked with and the many experiments and researches I did. I always try to come up with new ideas or improve on the ones that are already there. Sometimes, I fail, and some other lucky times, I have great successes. It can never get more exciting than that! Also, my love for computers helped me find ways to apply my new ideas in a more modern fashion that have proved to be more useful and appealing to students. I wouldn’t say if I am more of a writer than an educator because I am both, and I love every single moment I have spent writing or teaching. But what matters is that I am here right now, and I have a lot to say. Life is a beautiful gift; let’s write our lives; Life is worth writing for.

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