• How much of the book will I post online? 25% 25%
  • How much of the book have I posted so far? 6% 6%
  • How much of the book is already written? 50% 50%

Creative Writing Prompts and Tips is a book for writers who are looking for new sources of inspiration or merely some new creative ideas to write about. Each prompt in the book focuses on an immortal masterpiece by one of the great painters of all time and delves deeply in the painting to ask questions that are not usually asked to ignite a sense of creativity and a fresh look at the paintings themselves and the world around us. Besides that, and not to leave the writers with just prompts to work on, there are writing tips focusing on some of the most common literary techniques used in writing and how to use them as creatively as it gets. Join me in this little adventure as I like to think about it to explore a world before our eyes, but we might have been taken it for granted for so long. Come and let’s discover together what has been concealed before our very own eyes, and of course, write about it.

Danny Ballan


Creative Writing Prompts Table of Contents

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