Tears of Passion from Juno Soundtrack

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Juno - The Life of A Modern Heroine (Poetry & Music)








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Her eyes could not focus on the man she was talking to and agreed or disagreed with something she could not remember; all that mattered was going after Jack. “Did you see them?” Rachel said while closing Jack’s office door shut. “Everybody’s talking. I...

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Crazy, like God– everyone believes in me, yet everyone does not give a damn about whence I came, they all but hold a guarantee that I never leave. So sure so secure when they have me– coins in their pockets, a raging river with endless uproar a body...

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Classic Man

They say I am a classic man. They say I am afraid to venture into new genres and styles because I am too classic. They say that I love classical music because through its rigorous measures and rules lie the true colors of my character. They say I love classic...

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I write novels, short fiction and poetry. My first published book was a poetry collection, The Scream, and I later published two other poetry collections and one short story collection. My first novel is going to be published soon and a novel series will follow.

I also have a great passion for educational technology and online teaching. I love to learn about new things and share my knowledge with people. I have done it for so long that I believe it’s time for me to go pro and grow my online teaching business to reach more students worldwide.

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