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Talks about Educational Trends, Talks about Nonsense

In the hallways of every school that has still not slipped away from the firm grip of some educational crusader who happens to be a supervisor or director, teachers talk about all sorts of things from the new fashion trends to the funniest shows on TV to cooking and...

Standardized Education and Programming Humanoids

Everyone in the education world is too crazy about assessment, testing, and standard exams; we see it as the last measure of control we still have against our students. We cannot do without it for that will mean the end of our educational dominance for good. I...

The Role of Teachers in 21st Century Classes

There has been a great thought and threat in the minds of teachers of the growing news about the possibility of their being replaced by some sort of technology; it can be so intelligent that teachers one day will run obsolete.

Differentiated Learning and the Resistance of Teachers

Differentiated learning may be a students’ paradise, but it can be a teachers’ nightmare. I insist on the phrase “can be” because that is never the case with all students or all teachers, and that is, by the way, enough evidence to the fact that we need differentiated...

Shakespeare and Metacognition

The tools we use may be great, but the ideas behind these tools should be great in the first place to shine through these different tools, such as blogs, forums, wikis, websites or social media. If we let our students go at least one step back in the activities we...

Collaborative Intelligence for Better Humans

To simply put it, collaborative intelligence is to use the knowledge, understanding, intelligence of everybody to create one greater result that is celebrated and appreciated as everybody’s work by everybody, and is available for everybody, thus using collaborative...

Technology, Recursive Feedback, and Commercial Opportunities

Technology has never been more useful especially in the field of the feedback that matters to students as it should to teachers and the whole education society. Today we have the technology, recursive feedback, and commercial opportunities tied up all together in the...

Should We Be Afraid of Technology?

Let’s face it. Most of the times, our rejection or resistance to new technologies in our classes is not because we are only concerned about the pedagogical value or the academic standards we swore to protect and keep; most of the time, we are afraid what the...

Active Knowledge Making

Active knowledge making is giving a chance for learners to build their understanding of the topic being taught rather than just telling them what it is. By empowering learners, we help them strengthen certain skills that are far more important than the amount of...

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