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The Flipped Classroom and Blended Learning

The flipped classroom is one fruit of the ubiquitous learning opportunities that we have today. In brief, it is to remove the lecturing part from the classroom and put it online, and when the students come to class, they will have seen, heard or read the explanation...

Controlled vs Open-Ended Learning

When I think about the old didactic pedagogy and the trends that are growing now, I see a lot of control in the old didactic pedagogy, and sometimes no control at all in some new trends. The whole idea, in my opinion, is to find some equilibrium between direction and...

Introduction to Educational Games

This might be the new game changer that is coming our way in education, but how well do we know games. Is it our nostalgic Super Mario Memories, or our obsessive World of Warcraft addiction?

Building Skill or Building Information

We all have our very different ideas about education, and we have every right to do so. However, the pace of change in life nowadays is too fast to hold on to any educational concept for too long, and that is not a very pleasant fact to any of us, whether we are educators, students or parents.

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