I love…
Till my soul stretches
Far beyond my mind can see,
And true the words
Do come from there;
That’s why
I can never tell
How much I love.

Far beyond the orange sky,
Where life ends
And life begins,
I sit there on the edge
Watching life regenerates
Vibrating all the time,
Love is doing more
To my heart.

And I hear the talk
Between the stars,
Traveling billions of miles
Just to tell they are there,
And if it lights but for a while
It cares not,
For the journey was worth it.
As love drives my will
To break all barriers
And give like a tree,
Planted by a father
To feed a son.

I love…
For love defines me
More than my brains;
Only it can calculate null
And find the light in darkness,
And the smile in the dead skull;
And when all wane,
Mysterious courage crawls within
To reach the end of the tunnel
Alone or not,
For if love is in your heart,
You can never be lonely.


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