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Vocabulary Builder 16 | Making A Difference

Description In Vocabulary Builder 16 | Making a Difference episode, you will learn the words: beacon, berserk, celestial, chasten, confiscate, data, detract, encounter, epic, pantomime, pessimist, precaution, prosecute, puncture, retaliate, sham, uncouth, underscore,...

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Vocabulary Builder 15 | Zydeco

Description In this Vocabulary Builder 15 | Zydeco episode, we will learn the words: abstain, accommodate, allegiance, amalgamate, append, commemorate, enumerate, exalt, extort, far-fetched, glum, replica, responsive, sanctuary, self-seeking, submissive, tally,...

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Vocabulary Builder 14 | Mary Cassatt

Description In this Vocabulary Builder 14 episode, you will learn the words: adhere, affirm, atrocity, audition, cope, deter, disquieting, empower, fluent, lag, mangle, misapprehension, optimist, prowl, stupefy, sulky, supplement, surge, trait, and unscrupulous....

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Vocabulary Builder 13

Description In this Vocabulary Builder episode, you will learn the words: abduct, ambiguous, balk, compact, confer, earmark, frigid, implement, incalculable, indisputable, intensive, maneuver, sabotage, scant, stealthy, strapping, strident, thrive, titanic, and...

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A Wounded Bear – Poem

They call me a bearSo powerful, so strong—A wounded bear I amI wish I could just hibernateAnd wake in another worldWake to another landI once called my home. A wounded bear I am,None can take me head-onBut like everything I wearCell by cellAll the mightThe show...

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Vocabulary Builder 12

Description In this Vocabulary Builder episode, you will learn the words: alias, amble, burly, distort, dogged, dumbfounded, extinct, fossil, grit, inevitable, ingrained, meteoric, parody, prevail, rend, replenish, rummage, skimp, sleuth, and vandalism. Wordlist...

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