Danny Ballan

I write fiction, teach online, create Perfect English with Danny podcast, create educational technology solutions and write music. This might sound like too many things, but when you love what you are doing, there are no limits. Life is too short to hold ourselves back from what we love to do and give.

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From My Catalogue

English Online Course

An English course to improve your English speaking and vocabulary by learning from common mistakes in real conversations.

The War Edition

Poems that do not only talk about the war that kills the body, but the one that kills the soul, too.

Juno – Single

The release includes the first three tracks from Juno album, now available on all your favorite music platforms.

Available Soon

July 2019

Perfect English Grammar Online Course

A new Perfect English online course on Udemy will be live soon. Stay tuned to get the early-bird discount on the course and learn all the grammar you need to succeed in your English learning journey.

September 2019

Juno Album

The single is released, but the rest of the album is what will make this extraordinary story complete. It will be mostly instrumental tracks, but be on the lookout for a couple of songs may be included, too.

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