Danny Ballan

I write fiction, teach online, create educational technology solutions and write music. There are some things I do to get by and other just for the sake of doing them, but I do love everything I create. If I’m not passionate about something, I never do it.

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From My Catalogue

English Online Course

An English course to improve your English speaking and vocabulary by learning from common mistakes in real conversations.

The War Edition

Poems that do not only talk about the war that kills the body, but the one that kills the soul, too.

Juno – Single

The release includes the first three tracks from Juno album, now available on all your favorite music platforms.

Coming Soon

September 2019

Microsoft Word Masterclass - on Udemy

Learn everything you need to become a master in Microsoft Word. Create templates, style sheets and automate repetitive tasks using the most powerful word processor in the market.

December 2019

Juno Poetry Book & Album

The poems are there to tell the story of Juno, so they start and finish like a story does, and there is also the music that will transfer you to Juno’s world, to learn everything you need to know about her before you judge her or decide whether to like her or not. The single is released, but the rest of the album and the poetry book are on the way.

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Word of the Day – Acquisitive

In this episode from Perfect English with Danny, you will learn a new word from Word of the Day, a new addition to the podcast. The word of today is Acquisitive. You will learn everything there is to learn about this word.   Perfect English with Danny - Episode...

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Daily Poem – I Belong from Perfect English with Danny

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The Sniper – A Short Story by Liam O’Flaherty

First let's start by listening to episode 61 from Perfect English Podcast. You will listen to The Sniper by Liam O'Flaherty and we will have questions about the story that you can think about, try to answer, and check your answers with the sample answers...

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