It took me many precious years to understand that there may be a lot of things I can do well but only one thing I really want to do, and one thing I can be. Writing poetry, short stories, novels, and music has been the only thing I have been really in love with all my life. I should have listened to myself a lot sooner, but it is what it is. So, yes, I have a lot of experience in teaching and educational technology, so I am working on educational technology and game design projects for a living but I am a writer to be alive. I will write until the day I die. Life is worth writing for.

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English Plus

Poetry Forever Heading (3)

Learn English, build your vocabulary with our weekly vocabulary builder that comes with supplementary exercises you can interactively do or download a PDF and do at your leisure, advance your speaking skills with our weekly episode that helps one of our friends learn to express himself better in English, and immerse yourself in weekly stories with music and sound effects that will make you live in the heart of the stories to understand them better and enjoy.

Poetry Forever Podcast

Poetry Forever Heading (2)

Poetry Forever is all about art, music, and poetry. We will dive into original poetry, immortal poetry, and music composed for certain poems and artwork. It is a creative project that will start from poetry and go anywhere where imagination is free to go.

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The Lone Wolf Diaries

The Lone Wolf Diaries

The Lone Wolf Diaries are stories about the mysterious Patrick Woolfe whose mysterious background led him somehow to settle down in Lebanon and stay for a long time before vanishing equally mysteriously. His diaries are the only record left to a person who lived both before and after the Annihilation.
Upon uncovering his diaries, many secrets were uncovered that may shed light on his true identity, and during the time he spent in Lebanon, although he was infamously solitary, which earned him the title The Lone Wolf, he was never idle as his diaries later revealed.
The stories you will listen to in this podcast will range all the way from detective stories, to mysteries and in some cases closing on the edge of real horror stories, and some of them may help you understand better what really happened during the Annihilation.
Patrick Woolfe was not a detective, nor was he a vigilante that took upon himself the task of solving mysterious crimes or finding missing people, but he was addicted to nothing other than his unending curiosity, which led him to be a hero or a villain at times. However, something tells me that he had a much bigger role in the whole mess, but that is for you to find out in our weekly episodes from the Wolf Diaries.
I may not be lucky to live through such hard times, but I am lucky to be the one who uncovered these stories, which I will share with you and I hope you immerse in them as much as I did for weeks after my finding the diaries.

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