Welcome to Perfect English Podcast. It is a daily podcast with one mission and that is to improve the English language by providing free podcasts available to everyone.

Episode 1 is about English usage and to be specific, we will talk about the differences in the ways we use the words outdoors, outdoor and outside. I will be explaining in details with real-life examples to make sure you don’t finish the podcast without knowing everything you need to know to use these words properly. So let’s get to it.

You will find the audio of the episode below. After listening to the audio, try taking the short quiz to see if you have understood everything I mentioned in this short lesson from Perfect English Podcast.

Perfect English Podcast Episode 1 Audio

Now that you have listened to the episode, try to take this short quiz to make sure you have understood everything you need to know from this episode. If you don’t like your result, listen again to the episode and try again.

Perfect English Podcast Episode 1 Quiz

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