In this episode from Perfect English Podcast, we will focus on listening, and at the same time, we will learn interesting facts every time we have an episode of Perfect English Knowledge. We will learn about the first four events that changed the history of mankind. Listen to the interesting facts and check your understanding after you listen with this short quiz.

Perfect English Podcast Episode 21 Audio

Perfect English Podcast Episode 21 Quiz


Choose the first four events that changed the world. (Choose 4 answers)

Please select 4 correct answers

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When did man first discovered the use of fire?

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The first deliberate use of fire occurred in _____.

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Which is the oldest?

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What is the meaning of Homo Sapiens?

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What is the major change in homo sapiens that allowed them to spread and dominate the world?

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Why is it hard to know the exact date of the invention of bows and arrows?

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Why didn't agriculture start before 10000 B.C.

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Where were the first practices of agriculture found?

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What paved the way for the development of cities?

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Perfect English Podcast Episode 21 - Listening: Knowledge Quiz

Perfect English Podcast Featured Image Episode 21

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