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Vocabulary Builder Week 01

Perfect English with Danny Podcast Week 01 Part 1 Episode Keywords apparel (n.) clothing, that which serves as dress or decoration; (v.) to put clothes on, dress up besiege (v.) to attack by surrounding with military forces; to cause worry or trouble compress (v.) to...

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The Interlopers by Saki

Table of Contents Key VocabularyLiterary FocusThe Interlopers Full TextPractice The new VocabularyCrossword Puzzle ActivityWord Search ActivityThe Interlopers Interactive Quiz In this episode, the focus is on listening, and to be specific, listening to fictional...

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Regular and Irregular Plurals

Go to Quiz Everyone knows the most common way to make singular words plural in English; all you need is just to add an -s, but does it work with all nouns in English. How about bus? Can you say buss is the plural form of bus? But that is not all, there is a lot to...

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Speaking – Appearances Discussion Topics

In this episode from Perfect English with Danny, we will have discussion topics and questions about appearances, so the episode will indeed focus on speaking and ways to start a conversation about appearances. Perfect English with Danny Episode 91 - Speaking -...

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Word of the Day – Citadel

The word of the Day for today from Perfect English with Danny is Citadel.   Perfect English with Danny Episode 90 - Word of the Day - Citadel [spreaker type=player resource="episode_id=18395313" width="100%" height="200px" theme="light" playlist="false"...

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Business English – Organizations Part 1

In this business English episode from Perfect English with Danny, we will start talking about organizations. The different types of organizations and you will learn some very common words you can use to talk about organizations. Support this podcast. Become a patron...

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Word of the Day – Churlish

Churlish is the Word of the Day from perfect English with Danny. Learn about the meaning of churlish and how to use it in your writing or conversation. Perfect English with Danny - Word of the Day - Churlish [spreaker type=player resource="episode_id=18385104"...

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