4 Words’ Sake | 03 Thursday

4 Words’ Sake | 03 Thursday

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Did you know that prosecute means to bring before a court of law for trial; to carry out?
Here is my creative use of it:
Do not prosecute my frailty in your presence for I have nothing more to prove when all the world is at hand.


Did you know that reminisce means to recall one’s past thoughts, feelings, or experiences?
Here is my creative use of it:
He got stranded in idyllic thoughts and reminisced unborn glories in the unread lines of his poems.


Did you know that apparel means clothing?
Here is my creative use of it:
He appareled well for the hypocritical party; he came naked.


Did you know that implement means to put into action; execute?
Here is my creative use of it:
A euphoric line of victory was already implemented in her soul; nothing could ever make her sad.


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December 21, 2017

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