• How much of the book will I post online? 100%
  • How much of the book have I posted so far? 10%
  • How much of the book is already written? 100%

The Scream is a poem collection looking into the hearts of every man and woman hoping to uncover some truths hidden in the dark corners inside. The poems reflect the aspirations, pain, and insights of modern man in the world we live in today, away from racism, religious discrimination, social classes, and other fake belonging to anything other than our humanity. The Scream is trying to seek what is common between all of us, but it is also revealing what makes each one of us as unique and individual as we can be. The Scream is a wild call to take a deep plunge in ourselves and learn more about how human we can be.

Danny Ballan


The Scream Table of Contents
  • I Belong
  • Beyond the Black Hole
  • Catharsis
  • The Psychoanalysis of a Dream
  • A Game of Cards
  • A Man Just Died
  • Dear Prophet
  • A Broken Wing
  • A Blind Believer
  • An Alien from Mars
  • Christina’s World
  • A Letter to Myself and You
  • A Virus
  • To Forget or Not to Forget
  • Afraid To Tell
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Army March
  • Ask Me to Stay
  • No Talking
  • Before Getting Fired
  • A Dying Tyrant
  • Bird Thoughts
  • A Lullaby
  • Category
  • Coffee, Smoke and Bytes
  • Come Play
  • Don’t Give Up On Me
  • Unfinished Love
  • Donkey King
  • Everyday Man
  • Human Revolution
  • The Baby
  • I Am an Animal
  • I Looked Beyond
  • In The Club
  • The Braid
  • Ink Spilled and Blood
  • Into A King’s Mind
  • Into The Unknown
  • Landing on Mars
  • The New Bride
  • Laugh and Move On
  • Let’s Dance and Run
  • Like Dandelions
  • The Prostitute’s Suicide
  • Like Flowers We Bloom
  • Little Flowers
  • The Scream of a Woman
  • Man and Nature
  • Mighty Ulysses
  • Modern Man
  • Too Bold Like the Sun
  • My Words Write
  • National Anthem
  • Never Young
  • New Day
  • Too Young a Woman
  • No Man’s Land
  • Nothing to Write
  • On A Deathbed
  • Under Your Skin
  • People in Categories
  • Playing Life
  • Poetry Today
  • Raining Money
  • What Lies Beneath the Rose
  • Riddled in Mystery
  • Rumbling
  • Shadow
  • Snow
  • Wine-Dark Sea
  • Stop
  • Superman
  • Temptation
  • Hands Off
  • The Angel of Death
  • The Ant and a Morning
  • Mother
  • The Blossoms of Spring
  • The Boots
  • The Feast
  • The Flesh Is a Going
  • Betrayal
  • The Life of Others
  • The More of a Man
  • The Round Table
  • Mountain Flower
  • The Snail
  • There Will Be No Tomorrows
  • I Am a Woman
  • We Lost Touch
  • Weird
  • No Second Arc
  • What a Shame
  • Take Me Home Tonight
  • Winter Leaf
  • You Said
  • The Beehive Funeral
  • An Honor Crime
The Scream | A Man Just Died

The Scream | A Man Just Died

Hold on, There on the news the other day was killed a Jew— a Christian cheered, a Muslim rejoiced— a sign from heaven taken by each. Hold on, There on the news the other day was killed a Christian— a Muslim exulted, a Jew did not care; for he never existed...

The Scream | A Game of Cards

The Scream | A Game of Cards

A game of cards— eyes on the table sneaking past the watchful discreetness of each hand holding on tight to those hidden cards— dealt, stolen, forged… Inside it felt as if something was wrong, but I kept on playing anyway. All the numbers do not matter; a...

The Scream | Catharsis

The Scream | Catharsis

You have bolted the moon and the sun; in the darkness of my room, I’ll rekindle hope. You have exiled abroad all fledgling dreams; I will fetch the lost sheep in my hometown. You have claimed the land, divided into farms— like tearing the robes of Christ,...

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