Her eyes could not focus on the man she was talking to anymore, and agreed or disagreed with something she could not remember; all that mattered was going after Jack.

“Did you really see them?” Rachel said while closing Jack’s office door shut.

“Everybody’s talking. I couldn’t believe it, but everybody’s saying that you’ve seen them. Did you?” Rachel’s attempts to be polite or not to sound too curious just failed.

“Come on Jack, tell me what you saw.”

Jack stayed silent for a moment while he was enjoying everyone begging him to know what he saw the other day. It was not two days ago when people barely said hi to him, not even when they came face to face with him, but he was the man of the hour with the top-secret scoop which almost everybody in the office knew about, except for Rachel who was away on a business trip.

“You know I haven’t seen much, but obviously, the manager is having an affair with the new secretary. The other day, when I suddenly went into his office without knocking, I saw them …,” Jack started telling Rachel what he saw two days ago when he was in the manager’s office, and how he saw the new secretary behind the manager’s desk.


Just outside Jack’s office, in the open floor full of cubicles and employees, Simon’s desk was empty as he was talking to Jimmy about the scoop.

“She was kneeling down, and when Jack came into the office, he didn’t see her. He didn’t see the manager, either because he was facing the wall behind his desk. When Jack realized that he had gone there at the wrong time, it was already too late, because Nicole, the new secretary, had already stood up and moved away from the manager’s chair. That’s not everything, for in the little mirror in the back, Jack saw the whole thing. Nicole was servicing the manager too hard to ever notice there was someone at the door. That hot chick must have been so good because the manager did not even notice Jack. Then he started…,” Simon was telling the story enthusiastically to Jimmy, who was also part of that business trip Rachel went on.


Sam, who was on the same business trip, had just arrived when Pamela came to his desk pretending she was going to ask him about what happened on the trip, but she soon started talking about the story everybody was talking about. Sam was her friend, and she did not want anybody else to tell him the story.

“He was touching Nicole so gently that there was no noise at all when Jack came in. Jack only heard some hums and sighs coming from behind the desk. The poor fellow was mesmerized, and he did not know what to do. Should he have turned back and closed the door? But the manager might have thought that Jack had noticed what was going on, and he might have fired him for any stupid reason the very next day. Jack decided to stay to assure the manager that whether he saw anything or not, he wasn’t going to tell a fellow about it, so he stayed until Nicole came up from behind the manager’s desk. I think he should have left the office because the manager took some time to notice he was standing at the door, and that gave poor Jack more time to see what was going on. I personally think that the things he saw, while he was waiting at the door like a statue, were what would be dangerous for his future in the company. He stood there like a statue, and didn’t move a hair when…,” Pamela kept on talking while Sam was so shocked that he did not interrupt her to ask any questions, and all he was too eager to learn about the rest of the story.


The usual latecomer, who also happened to be on that same business trip with Rachel, Jimmy, and Sam, was John, but today, he was later than usual. Nobody usually cared about John’s being late, especially that the administration never bothered to talk to him or warn him about it. However, Adrian kept looking at the door waiting for John to come. There was this irresistible urge inside to be the first one to tell the story of what happened while John was away. For once looking at the big clock stationed in the middle of the wall in front of his desk felt just the same as late in the afternoon about half an hour before leaving the office, only this time it was still nine o’clock in the morning; the same anxious look was all over Adrian’s face.

Finally, at nine ten, John arrived, and Adrian did not bother to think of an excuse, he just went and talked to John. John was still unpacking his backpack on the desk when Adrian surely had a story more important for John than his rush to look like he had been in the office for long before the manager arrived.

“Do you remember what I told you about that hot girl, Nicole? I was right. She is nothing, but a whore hired here to please the manager all the way.” Adrian was very proud of his little introduction and of the fact that he was right about Nicole.

“Why? What happened?” John asked eagerly.

“Jack saw them the other day fucking in the manager’s office. He came in without knocking, but he did not expect to see what he saw. You’re not going to believe it, man.” Adrian said that while enjoying telling the story in his own way, but John interrupted him,

“Cut the bullshit man, and tell me what Jack saw in there.”

Adrian was not happy about it, but he continued anyway.

“Alright, alright… so he went in there and saw Nicole kneeling on the ground behind the manager’s desk leaning towards the wall with her sexy curves, and the manager was holding on tight to her hips and you know, just like in the movies. He then flipped her around and started to…” Adrian stopped abruptly, and John’s eyes were shining and begging for more, and he was about to shout at Adrian when he, too, saw who was coming in the front door. It was the manager in his Louis Vuitton sunglasses and Hugo Boss suit, followed by sexy Nicole. He stopped half-way to his office and did something he had rarely done before, he looked aside towards the open floor cubicles. Almost everybody was staring at him and Nicole who was following him closely. Everyone started to imagine the events that happened the other day in the office.


The manager slowly took off his sunglasses and gave everyone a look full of indifference and confidence.

“But that’s not what I heard from the others.” Rachel said suspecting how truthful Jack’s story was.

“But that was all I saw back in there. It was me who entered the office after all. They were just kissing and…,” Jack stopped suddenly and looked through the blinds on his office door towards the manager, whom Jack had just noticed standing right opposite from his office. When Jack saw the look in his eyes, he knew that the secret was no more, and apparently, the manager had known everything.

Jack was right, for the manager did not only stare at everyone.

“What you’ve been talking about for the past couple of days is true; Nicole is my girlfriend…,” the manager said that without blinking. However, everyone was shocked and, unconsciously, they all started looking at Nicole. To their surprise, she did not seem embarrassed at all, as if nothing embarrassing about her was ever being said.

“…, and I have no idea where all these stories came from. If you still cannot take it that we kissed the other day in my office, be my guest and go report that to the Board. If you’re wondering whether we sleep with each other or not, we just do what any boyfriend and girlfriend would do, but I am afraid I don’t have the time to give you a show and do it here in the office. Unless you have any other urgent matters, I suggest you all go back to your work.” The manager said that, put on his sunglasses and continued to his office, followed by Nicole.

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