• How much of the book will I post online? 10%
  • How much of the book have I posted so far? 10%
  • How much of the book is already written? 100%

The War Edition poem collection is not a mere group of poems that only talk about the atrocities of raging wars and injustice that is happening all around the world, but ones that also talk about the different wars we wage in our lives both with people around us and even within ourselves. The war against poverty counts in, the war against racism, the war against misogynism, and any other kinds of wars you can imagine, which are sometimes even more important than the celebrated wars that make headlines, especially those with the biggest tolls. Join me on this adventure in a world of poetic imagination and harsh realism.

Danny Ballan


The War Edition Table of Contents
  • War Child
  • A Deserter
  • A Boy’s Story of War
  • Society At War
  • To War
  • Bombardment
  • Just Get Over Me
  • Guilty
  • Dog of Life
  • Tame Me
  • The Social Bluff
  • Whore
  • Bastard
  • Pyramid
  • What A Life
  • Forever
  • Pieces
  • Stray Dog
  • Two Hands
  • A World So Fixed
  • I Know
  • To Err is Man
  • September Tree
  • Embrace By the Sea
  • Cannot Give You More
  • To Whom War Calls
  • Leave
The War Edition | Deserter

The War Edition | Deserter

I’m running naked as the sky the fields, the crops overgrown sweat beads no more deliberately formed on a wrinkled forehead so tired of looking to see the road ahead having abided by every law, I’ve been marching for days and nights, one by one like leaves...

The War Edition | War Child

The War Edition | War Child

Spotted in no man’s land searching the dead picturing a future junkyard with him in the middle an everlasting element something to sell and perhaps something edible no sell-by date can frighten that old hunger in this young skinny belly, a monster...

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