Have you deserted an army whose need for your martyrdom was dire? How can you live with yourself today? Maybe, you have never been a soldier before, or you fought and stood your ground. Have you ever been running away? From yourself?

I’m running naked as the sky
bound by the fog of war, the smoke, the stars
I had none to define me so I’m everywhere
I am everyone like a big blank canvas
no one would stop to stare
a deserter I look at him today and wonder
twenty-five years like a moment never passed
am I not better off living, a father
or would I have better been a martyr
dousing a dying legend of a cause or a man-
there were a thousand reasons to die for
I chose one for which, today, I live.

The War Edition is a collection of poems that displays all kinds of war and not only the ones we fight on unfathomable battlefields for unidentifiable causes, war is everywhere, the social war, the religious war, and the to be or not to be war

Get The War Edition Poetry Collection today and introduce yourself to different types of war raging all around you, all the time.

Danny Ballan


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